Boyue Medical Trash can helps medical waste separation2

As we all know, medical waste includes five categories, infectious waste, injury waste, pharmaceutical waste, chemical waste, and pathological waste. In the previous article, we analyzed the treatment methods of infectious waste and injury waste, and in today’s article, Boyue will share the treatment methods and detailed classification of several other medical wastes, hoping to […]

Boyue helps with the classification of medical waste

The management of medical waste is often considered to have no technical content, but it directly affects our living environment, only by strictly handling every detail can we truly and effectively prevent the spread of pathogenic microorganisms and avoid pollution to the environment. So how exactly to deal with it? Boyue Company today introduces the […]

What is biohazard medical risk waste and how should it be handled?

BioR&D institutions, the healthcare industry generate large amounts of waste that can be considered biohazard risks. Nevertheless, thanks to more modern on-site solutions, medical personnel can handle medical risk waste disposal more safely and easily. In this article by Boyue, we will discuss what biohazard medical risk waste is, how to identify it, store it! […]

What to do with discarded insulin needles

With the widespread use of insulin, diabetic patients are becoming more receptive to home insulin injections and self-monitoring of blood sugar, resulting in more and more infectious and damaging waste. It has been reported that each patient injected with insulin used disposable injection devices 2~3 times a day, and discarded 60~90 discarded syringe needles for […]

Use the Boyo sharps box to handle disposable needles

A large number of disposable needles are used every day around the world, disposable needles are medical waste after use, and need to be put into a sharp box as soon as possible, and these needles can be handled efficiently with Boyue Sharp Box, but there are still some things you need to pay attention […]